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Branding has a lot of confusion around it because it has a number of different definitions, so to start with what is branding? Years ago branding was defined as a name, slogan, sign or design and could be a combination of those to identify a company. In today's day and age brand is a little bit more complicated.

Today it is a perception that your audience has when they hear or think of you're company name/service or product. However, branding is constantly changing and it does so with the consumers' behaviour. A great way to think of it is as a mental image of who you as a business represent to the consumers. This is all influenced by words, creativity and the elements that are around it.

Here at Kanbi Media we use the creative talents to create that special something that your looking for, which helps your brand stand out from the crowd. We are all about helping you achieve the right look, which can be to completely redesign your brand, just freshen it up a little and even branding for products. A successful brand helps to build recognition and can bring trust to your target audience.

Put simply, your brand is a promise to your customers and it tells them what they should expect from your products or services. It differentiates you from your competitors and what they offer. Down to its core your brand is who you are, who you want to be and how people see you.


There can be a plethora of reasons why you want to refresh your brand. It could be just a simple update of your brand or perhaps your target audience has changed. Whatever the case may be, we can help you find the perfect look. The best things we can do are to first listen and learn about your business and its goals so we can show a reflection of that in our work. So we will take some time to get to know you and your business to help us create something very unique and bespoke.

We can work together to best represent your company's values and refine them as well. When you hear the term 'rebranding' people would assume that it is for completely redesigning your company's brand, however, that is hardly the case and is rarely done. We will make a plan and come up with some new ideas for your new vision while keeping some of the previous ideas as well.

Our fantastic partners at Miya Designs work with us to help create your unique logo designs and any needs you may have for branding. (Just look at their logo!)

Our fantastic partners at Miya Designs work with us to help create your unique logo designs and any needs you may have for branding. (Just look at their logo!)

Logo Designs and Personal Brand

We do logo designs and personal branding too. A logo is a design which is used to symbolize a company or an organization. It is then used by said organization/company on letterhead, during advertisement which can be recognized. This can be called a logotype (if you prefer). A logo is a graphic representation of a company (like the awesome Kanbi Media logo up top!) To be able to give you the best logo design possible we have are proud to say that Miya Designs are our partners when it comes to designing and branding. Personally we can't think of a better thing for you as this way there are a lot more creative ideas that can come from the both of us. Any type of design is possible whether you want simple or extravagant we can cater to your needs (Both Kanbi Media and Miya Designs). 

Personal Brand

Personal brand is the way people remember you by. Since the rise of social media and the ever increasing individualization of society, the brand that you build is probably the most important way to stand out. It isn't just a trademark but in actual fact it is how you present yourself to your potential clients and current one and also on and offline too. The whole point of a personal brand is that it builds your business but revolves around you. An example of this would be to think of names such as Branson and Alba. Yes, we are talking about Richard Branson and Jessica Alba who both have built up their personal brand. Now you need to think about the impression you want to make and which market you want to target. It is always worth asking questions like where do they meet? What do they like and want? Etc. This is because a personal brand can help win business if people know who you are so it can be a fantastic way to grow yourself and your business.

So why is Branding important?

A common mistake that people make when it comes to branding is that it's a logo or a slogan. While these are a key part of what branding is, it goes further than just this. Every aspect of the customer's experience is involved in branding. From visiting your website, to posts on your social media pages, advertising etc. How you would answer the phone and interact with the customer is included in branding. So, in short, branding is how customers see you when they talk about or hear about your business, service/product. This will include anything that they will know, for example, if you have bright blue packaging, or whether they feel your brand is luxurious. That is an emotive element for the customer.

So why is branding important? 

Effective branding can create and promote recognition for your business. For this to work, your brand needs to be consistent and easy for people to recognise. This makes people feel more relaxed when they want to purchase anything from your business. People love to stick with things that are familiar to them and if they remember you as being someone who provides quality products/services then that will encourage them to buy from you again (repeat business). Most markets are highly competitive so it is vital that you can stand out from the crowd. You've made a name for yourself in the local market and now it is time to move onto the global economy. So your brand needs to stand out from millions of similar business' around the world.

Having a strong brand can create referrals and even create viral traffic. People love to tell their friends and family about brand they like, such as, places where they eat, the clothing brands they wear. The fact is about 84% of consumers have said that they will sometimes or always make a decision based on a recommendation from someone they know. A better way to explain it is you fell in love with a clothing brand and you go to tell your close friend about it, but you can't remember the brand. Makes a compelling argument for why it is so important that you create a memorable brand.

So you have a strong and consistent brand that allows your customers to know what they should expect from your business every time the come to purchase a product or service. Having a professional appearance helps to build credibility and trust with consumers. This makes it easier for people as they are more likely to buy from your business because it looks to be legitimate. Your brand is basically a promise to your customers.

Apple, Facebook, Coca-Cola. When you see or hear about these businesses you know that they have a brand that adds value well beyond their physical assets. They are worth more than their products/equipments. Coca-Cola's brand value was worth $56.4 billion in 2017. It goes to show that a great brand can increase the value of your business.

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