Email Marketing and Strategy

Ah email marketing. When the internet was in its infancy (when it first started), email is what everyone loved. You would log on to AOL and hear the phrase "You've Got Mail." This used to get tedious but it was amazing because you would know you've received an electronic letter.

However, after a lot of Nigerian prince schemes and piles of spam emails over the years how do people even feel about email? Is it even worth using email marketing to bring in business?

Simply put, yes it is. You have to know what you're doing though.

Fortunately we do, and we would love to help you with it as well!

Email is a fantastic way to reach consumers who are on smartphones. Email marketing has value here because it is easy to reach consumers, but the takeaway from this is that you don't have to invest a lot of money into new technology/software. According to Smart Insight Email Engagement and Responses Statistics 2018 about 49% (over the year) of people looked at emails on their mobile. They have a bunch of other statistics such as click through rate, click to open rate, and open rate. That is a lot of people looking at emails on their smartphones. 

Email marketing isn't easy. It is a tactic that is extremely effective at helping business owners and consumers to stay connected. Honestly, consumers usually look for email marketing campaigns of preferred brands. Not vouchers or anything like that. The brand has value to them. There is a lot of value to being connected and staying connected with consumers and email marketing helps us accomplish this.

It is now an extremely important tool for businesses that want to send regular updates and marketing messages to their consumers.  Besides the fact that you can use tools such as MailChimp (free for first 2000 subscribers) for free, it allows you opportunities to target the right people with the right messages at the right time to bring in business that you are after. 

To email someone you need to have permission. This is vital as the new data protection law that is comes this year. If you want the recipient to respond positively than content of value must be given for them to engage.

Email marketing Strategy

Why is an email marketing strategy important? Well to be honest it is part of you overall strategy. Email marketing is a great way to market your products/services by utilizing your email channel. An effective email marketing strategy considers who your target audience are, what they like and what benefits they might be looking for alongside your products and services. This is where email marketing is most effective.

A lot of the times people misuse the word strategy and tactic (when it comes to email marketing strategy). They have two different meanings here.

  1. Email marketing strategy: How will you achieve those goals?
  2. Email marketing tactic: How will you achieving them. (In More detail) Part of the strategy.

But you may say why? When you have an email marketing channel there is a lot of potential for success. This is because email marketing has a huge reach and it can get the message you are sending in front of many people. Another reason is that email marketing scales, meaning that the effort gone in to sending one email is the same as sending 100,000 emails. Personally the greatest thing about email marketing is there are so little risks and the costs are really low, and this, put against the potential upside makes it worth investing in.

So if you are still in two minds about investing in email marketing, we'll say its worth it as stated above low risk and potential high reward.

We can help and we love to create tailored email campaigns to help get your consumers engaging with you and your brand.


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